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A Bit About Us


After a couple years in the military during the Viet Nam era, I attended a small community college in northern Michigan, taking all the art & design classes that were offered. While I was there, a buddy of mine that owned a pizzeria, asked me to paint a sign for him. I agreed & set off for the local hardware store to buy some paint brushes & paint. I chose what I’m sure was the most complicated letter style known to man, and began. Two (painful) weeks later, “Big Dave’s Pizza” had a new sign. I painted a couple more signs over the next few months and decided to head to the Detroit area to visit my sister. I was hitchhiking, and once in the city, got picked up by a sign painter. What a great guy! The next day, he took me to the shop where he worked, gave me a tour & took me to a local sign supplier. I got all hooked up with proper paints, brushes, a few tools and a new sense of direction. When I got back home, I began my sign painting career. I took a job as an architectural draftsman (my high school offered “Architecture”, which I took for 4 years) for a construction company for some regular income. Soon I was making about as much painting signs as I was as a draftsman. Started my career in earnest offering signs that were colorful, creative and complimented the architecture or character of the business they represented. About 10 years later, I received a letter from Alaska, from a  gal who had worked for me in Michigan. She told me about an opportunity with a company that she was working for & thought I might be interested. When I read the letter to my wife, I said “Alaska?!! Why would I want to move there?” She thought maybe we should check it out. 34 years & eight kids later, we’re still here. We’ve made it our home and so have most of our kids and their kids.

I worked for other Alaskan sign companies for the better part of 20 years & thought I would eventually “semi retire” & work from our home, however the opportunity came sooner than I anticipated. I started “Signature Signs” in 2006 but the “semi retired” part is way, way off in the distance. I am privileged to work from a shop at my home & have worked for the most part with my family.

I do the design work, painting & some of the fabrication. My wife is responsible for the sculpting & my kids have all had a hand in the business and still help out at various times. My youngest son is the main fabricator & installer.

The way I looked at signs in my early days, is still very much a part of the way I approach them today: Creative, colorful & complimenting the architecture or character of the business they represent. It’s all about “disturbing the eye” or making a potential customer take notice of your business.



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